Postcard Campaign

  • Print on cardstock on both sides and cut in ½.    Or print on 2 sheets of paper and glue & tape them together.
  • Write a personal message that explains why trees and a healthy urban forest is important to you and a suggestion or complaint about our urban tree canopy or a tree issue that is impacting you.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. I am objecting to the City cutting down the street trees on the __________block of _____________Ave, St., Blvd.  Other Cities are able to manage their sidewalk and tree conflicts.  Why hasn’t the City developed a policy and enforce it? Safe sidewalks are important to me but so is a healthy tree canopy.  We are concerned about an increase in our air conditioning bills during the summer because these trees will be cut down.

  2. I saw a developer cutting down a large tree on private property.  Why would the City allow this to happen?  These trees take years to grow and are extremely valuable.  Replacing it with a sapling or small tree will not provide shade for over 10 years.   We are facing a crisis now.
  3. My neighborhood street trees are dying due to lack of water and disease.  Shouldn’t the City be working with people or doing it itself  to make sure they are properly watered and treated.  We are rapidly losing our tree canopy and we can’t afford to lose these older trees.
  4. My neighborhood trees in ________________________ are under power lines have been topped an outdated and reckless method of pruning.   Now they are stressed and look like they are going to die.  There are best practices set forth in the ANSI pruning standards.   Why doesn’t the City mandate these standards be followed?
  5. There are empty tree wells on the ____________block of ______________Ave, St, Blvd.  Why aren’t more trees being planted?  Everywhere I go I see empty tree wells and dead trees.
  6. There are no trees on the __________block of ________________Ave,St, Blvd.   We need shade to help lower temperatures and make this block appealing and beautiful.  Trees reduce surface temperatures by as much as 33 degrees.
  7. The City just planted palm trees on the ______________block of ____________Ave., St., Blvd.  These trees are beautiful but they do not provide shade or contribute to the urban tree canopy.
  8. I write to urge you to take budgetary and reorganizational steps to remake and revive our Urban Forestry division, so that it can actually afford to maintain existing trees, plant new ones, and plan for the future of Los Angeles Tree canopy as the urban heat island effect worsens.

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