Who We Are:

Angelenos For Trees is a community group uniting Los Angeles neighborhoods to preserve and regenerate its rapidly shrinking tree canopy.

Since 2000, the Los Angeles tree canopy is shrinking at an alarming pace with some neighborhoods losing up to 55% of their trees.   This is due to lack of a cohesive City policy, drought, heatwaves, disease, street widening, development and much needed sidewalk repair.

Benefits of Trees:

  California’s 9.1 urban trees are worth about 1 billion in benefits per year- including cleaning the air by removing air pollutants,  cooling the streets and the city, providing residents with up to 50% of energy savings, removing excess carbon, catching rainfall, saving water and helping to prevent water pollution, providing desirable neighborhoods and a habitat for birds and other beneficial wildlife, boosting property values and increasing business on our streets.

Tree lined street in Pasadena, California, USA.

Postcard Campaign

Send in a postcard, email or call your City Council members and mayor about your tree issue and demand our tree canopy be saved and the City fund and promote trees in its policies and budget.  Please share this template with your friends and any groups who want to help lobby the City for change.  And send in more then one.  Once you start looking at our tree canopy it is surprising how many issues there are!